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At JagatRFS we realize that your Products must meet the highest quality standards for optimum performance.

We view our job as two fold; build quality products that meet your expectations and validate those expectations thru our quality conformance testing programs. All of our products are verified In-Process and at final inspection.

We offer the following testing and verification capabilities:

  • Flying probe electrical testing
  • Complete Microsection lab
  • AOI inner/outer layer verification
  • Impedance modeling & testing
  • Feature verification with-in +/- .0002
  • XRF finish thickness verification
  • Solderability testing per J-STD-003
  • Dimensional verification within +- .001

JagatRFS is compliant to the following IPC Manufacturing quality standards:

  • IPC-6011 Generic Performance Specification for Printed Boards
  • IPC-6012 Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards
  • IPC-6018 Qualification and Performance Specification for High Frequency (microwave) Printed Circuit Boards
  • IPC-A-600 Acceptability of Printed Circuit Boards